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My ‘why’… why do I help others? Why do I want you to keep asking ‘why’?

I came across this picture yesterday while searching for something – it made me stop and think about why I do what I do.

It made me reflect on how I have come to be here, encouraging others to be empowered about their health… to understand their bodies and what is happening on the inside.

The little baby crying in this picture spent most of her days at this time 5 years ago, doing exactly that. Crying. She didn’t sleep much… often only upright, strapped to me. She breastfed, or cried, or was carried about to relieve her pain, then would breastfeed some more.

A very long story short, she was diagnosed with a serious condition ‘eosinophilic oesophagitis’ at about this time in 2013… days after this photo was taken. It’s an allergic condition where the body reacts to food ingested, or environmental triggers (or both). Later (about 8 months old) she was also given a ‘multiple food protein intolerance’ diagnosis – meaning if she wasn’t allergic to a food, there was a high chance she would still react to it in another way. Soon after that, I had a lucky encounter with a pharmacist who clued me up on the importance of magnesium… and then the next twist in my life began.

About 4 years ago now, I was preparing for testing with Morley, and that consultation at the end of Jan 2014, or early Feb, was life changing for me, for our own family.

So why do I do what I do? If I can lessen someone’s pain, discomfort and most of all, EMPOWER you to find your way, and have confidence in your ability to trust your instincts, then that’s my driving force.

That little baby is starting school in 6 days… she’s now eating most foods without reactions, unlike ANY of the expectations that her various specialists had. We left them long ago, when all their suggestions focused around managing symptoms and not any way of healing her body……. she’s still got a way to go, but she’s ever improving each year, and has gone from tolerating 15 foods, to tolerating all EXCEPT about 30 foods (probably less now). When I see her, and my clients, progressing to live in relative-normality, then it makes my heart sing.

So what is your why?

Why are you curious on health and wanting to understand how minerals tie in?

Are you trying to satisfy that hunger on ‘why things happen’ and stumbled on the Root Cause Protocol? Or you are already living the RCP and telling others?

Your intuition and ‘gut feeling’ is a powerful tool – make sure you keep asking why, and keep empowering yourself with knowledge… you will be surprised where that can take you.

Thanks for reading – see you next time!

– Kristan

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