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This is the first in what we hope to be a series of webinars to help you learn about minerals and your health. Many feel there is more to their health than they have been guided to in traditional medicine, and many have researched and found that minerals are relevant.

But where to next?

–> HTMA (what is this anyway)?
–> Blood tests? Which ones? Why?
–> Why have a consult to go through the results?
–> Which form of magnesium is good?
–> How do I get this into my children (or my partner!)?
We recognise how many struggle with understanding what to do to help their families, how to understand the results they may have or be considering getting and what to do next.
Morley Robbins and Kristan Kershaw will present an informative webinar to help you to help your family with their mineral balance.
Gain an insight into what a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) consultation is like and what you learn during a consult… understand more about your mineral balance and the steps towards a full understanding of your own situation.
We will cover topics frequently covered in HTMA sessions with Morley and also give you ways to start helping you and your family NOW.


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