Root Cause Protocol – August Q & A Session on 09/08/2017

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Root Cause Protocol - live learning session$30.00

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Join Kristan and Morley during a special live Q & A live learning session!

Your hosts:


Kristan Kershaw
Biologist, Mum, Life Coach and
Copernican Mineral Consultant
Morley Robbins
“Magnesium Man”
Certified Wellness Coach


  • What is your understanding of minerals and how they work in the body?
  • Want to brush up on your knowledge, or you are new to the area and need a thorough explanation?
  • Need to understand how this iron and copper dysregulation ‘stuff’ works?

Morley and Kristan are beaming in together to the session and are going to answer a variety of burning questions from the last few months of ‘live learning sessions’ – and you can join in LIVE with them and add your question to the mix. 

During 2017, we have run over 8 live learning sessions – during these we have explained how we run a HTMA + blood consult and help our attendees to ‘connect the dots’. This time Kristan and Morley will discuss all the questions that have gone unanswered, and more detail on some that have been answered as it relates to the Root Cause Protocol.

This session is designed to help you reflect on similarities to your own situation and to gain a deeper understanding of the protocol.

A thorough Q & A session will be held following the event and you will have an opportunity to ask your question’s*.

The Root Cause Protocol is based on the research of Morley Robbins, and is a comprehensive method which encourages whole-food and mineral focused solutions to assist in improving health and well-being.


What You will experience on the Day…


    1. Step 1Answering questions around common ‘dis-eases’ which have come up in our online session and for those interested in the Root Cause Protocol. This includes topics like histamine intolerance, hormone imbalances, thyroid and adrenal related topics, IBS/digestive challenges, etc.
    2. Step 2Discussing ‘procedural’ questions around the Root Cause Protocol itself – how testing works, what it tells us, protocol in and around children
    1. Step 3Answers to a variety of everyday questions commonly seen in the Magnesium Advocacy Group.
    2. By registering for this event, you will have the opportunity to submit questions to be answered on the day. As many questions will be answered as possible – time permitting.

  1. …and learn bonus gems of wisdom directly from Morley along the way.

    1. Please note: The live event will run via ‘Go To Meeting’. You will be emailed details of how to attend prior to the event.
    2. The starting time quoted for this event is AUSTRALIAN time, so please make sure you can make it in YOUR timezone.

    Auckland (New Zealand), NZST - 10:00 am, Wednesday 9th August
    Brisbane, Australia, AEST - 08:00 am, Wednesday 9th August
    Berlin, Germany, CEST - 12:00 am, Wednesday 9th August
    London, UK, BST - 11:00 pm, Tuesday 8th August
    US Central - 05:00 pm, Tuesday 8th August
    US Pacific - 03:00 pm, Tuesday 8th August
      You can register to participate in for this month’s live event for a VALUE PACKED of $30 AUD (Approx $22 USD)
    2. Those who book in for this live event will be given free access to a recording after it has concluded.

      You must register BEFORE the event in order to participate. Late registrations after the event will not be available.

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