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If you have read our story, you may be familiar with how I have used minerals to help my family recover from severe food allergies and intolerances, and towards leading a ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) life eating additive-free whole foods. I am a trainer and educator, I have a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and through the last few years have been assisting many families around Australia and even some overseas. I am also trained as a Success (Life) Coach and I have completed training with Morley Robbins to be a Root Cause Protocol Consultant in the area of minerals. My forte is helping to simplify really complex topics, and to help educate my clients about how minerals work in their body so they can find their way – just as I have done.

I am passionate about transferring this knowledge to others and empowering them to not be told what is going on with their health, but to embrace it and understand it. The more we understand about how our bodies work, the more we can be in-tune with it, and can find our path to optimal health. Minerals run our bodies, and insufficient or imbalanced minerals in our body will lead to a range of symptoms from allergies and food intolerances, fatigue, to depression and anxiety related conditions, to concentration challenges in kids and adults a like, diabetes and other autoimmune conditions, and so much more.

Please email via this link to book in – make sure you let me know which type of consultation option you would like to go ahead with. I will confirm your booking within 48 hours and will send an invoice if all details are provided for us to proceed. Please include your mailing address, best phone number and any relevant background.


All prices listed are in Australian Dollars (AUD) unless otherwise stated, GST is applicable to all Australian clients/purchases.

All sessions may be done in person, or over the phone or Zoom (a program like Skype).

HTMA Only – Australian Residents

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test kit and raw results only – no interpretation or consultation.

Processing completed via Interclinical Laboratories (via TEI in the US).


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test kit and raw results only


Adults – $135 AUD inc GST

Children <15 – $125 AUD inc GST


(For tips on sampling of hair – please read here from Interclinical and see Dr Liz sampling hair here (video))

HTMA – all other countries

If you are in any country except Australia, you should contact us to find your best local supplier who uses the TEI laboratories, or order via Even Better Now who use TEI but offer services around many areas of the world.


Consultation + Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab processing – Australian Residents

Introductory sessions are offered to help gain understanding on ‘where to next’ coupled with a HTMA/bloods processing to get your learning really kick-started.

Blood results must be provided prior to consult.


One consultation up to 90 minute, HTMA kit, lab and results processing


Adults – $382 AUD inc GST

Children <15 – $372 AUD inc GST



Consultation Only – Australian or overseas clients

Want an introduction to mineral balance in the body? This is your first stop! Introductory sessions are offered to help gain understanding on ‘where to next’.

This option is also perfect for when you already have your HTMA and/or blood results ready to go or for those overseas from Australia who wish to have a consultation.


One consultation up to 90 minute inc results processing
(all raw results provided to us prior to consult)


$225 AUD + GST for Aus residents only

Two Consultations (extra support option) – Australian or overseas clients

For those who would like additional support during their journey.

Two consultations are included giving you options to have a consult ASAP, then review results at your second consult, or review your results at your first consult, then have a follow-up session later on.

Blood results must be provided prior to consult.


Two consultations up to 90 minute inc results processing
(all raw results for HTMA and bloods provided to us prior to consult)


$440 AUD + GST for Aus residents only

(Aussies can add HTMA to this option for $135 for adults, $125 children inc GST)


Intensive Learning Sessions – Australian or overseas clients

For regular short ‘touch bases’ and learning support, regular sessions can be scheduled for support and to provide clarity. Sessions can be combined into a longer consult as needed.

(All raw results provided to us prior to consult/s)


 3 hours are included over a 3 month period. Available in multiples of 30 minutes.


$440 AUD + GST for Aus residents only

(Aussies can add HTMA to this option for $135 for adults, $125 children inc GST)


Follow up consultation – Australian or overseas clients

Got more than a few questions? Ready for a review? Book into a follow-up consultation


One consultation up to 90 minutes


$225 AUD + GST for Aus residents only


Blood tests

Blood tests are important in determining mineral balance – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) gives only part of the picture.

Whether you are living in Australia or overseas, and whether you are requesting these via your GP, or contacting iMedical via the details below, or any other way, the important tests to get are as follows.

  • Iron studies (including Iron, Total Iron-binding Capacity (TIBC), Transferrin, Ferritin, Saturation)
  • Plasma Zinc
  • Red Blood Cell Magnesium (RBC)
  • Serum Copper
  • Serum Ceruloplasmin
  • Haemaglobin
  • NEW ADDITION: Retinol or Vitamin A (this may need to be manually added to your cart if ordering DIY tests) – we are still learning about how good of a representation this gives us for Vitamin A levels, so if in doubt, leave it off.

Australian clients

Cost-wise, beyond the above consultation/s, you will need to get some blood tests done before the main appointment – you may be able to get them through one of your existing physicians and they may bulk bill them (for Aussies). Many don’t want to do tests just because you ask for them.

Adults have the option of bypassing the visit to your doctor and ordering their own blood tests via the ‘metals’ tests listed on this website and selecting one of the options below.

MAG 2‘ or ‘MAG 2 Qld‘ (Queenslanders please read the note below)

You potentially be saving the cost of the Dr appointment before and after to request results, which may be more $$ out of pocket if you aren’t already going.

If you live in Queensland, you have two options… PLEASE CONTACT iMEDICAL IF YOU ARE NOT CLEAR ON THIS!

“Mag 2 Qld”:
The simplest option if you just want one blood draw – but it is more expensive (over $300) and must be done at Sullivan Nicolaides.

“Mag 2” and manually add “Magnesium RBC QLD S+N”:
As at 6/7/17, this option is under $300, but you will need to get all of your tests except RBC magnesium done at their recommended lab (eg QML, medilab) and a second draw done at Sullivan Nicolaides for the magnesium component. This is NOT encouraged – and you should talk to iMedical before selecting it…


International clients

If you are in the United States of America, there are several options to get blood tests done – from Request-a-test to Ulta labs (sometimes they have specials, so check out both). Please note – I have had reports that Ulta-labs may not automatically include hemaglobin – so please make sure before purchasing, that all blood tests are included.

Those in New Zealand may be able to use Path Lab for their DIY blood testing – a list of their tests and the associated costs are here, and their locations are here.

Canadian’s have some more challenges with requesting tests – many physicians will not do them, and depending on where you live, you are more restricted with what you can request yourself. Options to investigate via your GP/health care provider (or possibly DIY) could include:

Other countries may have other requirements so please contact me to discuss the tests if you cannot get them via ways you would normally do so in your country.




Many of us inherit mineral imbalances from our Mum’s and Grandmothers (sorry to the Mum’s around the world!)… so even if we ate a perfectly balanced diet from soon after birth, we can still end up with health annoyances, food intolerances, allergies or more serious illnesses. These are potentially reversible situations – at minimum our bodies can be supported by minerals to let recovery naturally happen. At best, our bodies can start to function as the well-oiled machines that they can do when functioning at full capacity.

Many of these health conditions are now starting out quite young, and escalating as we get older…some people only see them after a stressful occurrence in their life, after otherwise being healthy for years. The great news is, there’s testing available which can help you work out where you are at with your minerals, and get you working on better health…. and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, expensive or overwhelming.

Having the support to achieve your goals is what I do – my clients are supported with the ‘Root Cause Protocol’ from the teaching of Morley Robbins of

Along my journey, I have been researching and learning alongside Teresa Bowley – a well respected and known face in the ‘FAILSAFE’ food intolerance circles, and someone with years of experience and knowledge in the area of FODMAPs food restrictions. Teresa herself has recovered from extreme food reactions using the protocol we now both use and recommend.

Teresa and I have completed our study together with Morley Robbins in the Copernican Institute of Mineral Metabolism & Mentorship in June 2017, and are offering joint consultations as we both gain experience and knowledge in the area.

In most cases, both Teresa and I will review your results and will work together to ensure the most comprehensive and thorough outcome for you.

Consultations may involve one or both of us being in attendance. Please let us know if you would like to discuss any aspect of having two of us working on your case.

All detailed sessions include (as appropriate/needed):

  • Detailed summary of consult will be emailed to you
  • Web links and supporting documents to continue your learning beyond what we discussed
  • Basic email support in the first few weeks following the consult. If queries are too complex I/we may suggest a subsequent consult

I want to make consultations something that are in reach for everyone. They are comprehensive but supported so you don’t get the overwhelmed and lost feeling that you often can get when trying something new. If you have particular financial pressures which are the only thing holding you back, please contact me to discuss options.



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