Minerals are our lifeblood – but few of us know the importance! I am here to support you in learning how to manage the overwhelming information out there, and to actually APPLY that knowledge in a practical way.

This ‘Elimin-ate’ website was what started Kristan off as she supported others to learn about elimination diets, eliminating foods and chemicals which often irritate the body, and learning to eliminate reactions via mineral balance. Teresa Bowley has been along supporting people with Kristan for this journey as well, and both have been able to be reached via this website for many years.

With time though, it became obvious that it was time to swap to a new business name and branding.

We would love you to transition over to Supporting Balance and to access the current resources and information to help you find your way.

Thanks for your support over the years – we can’t wait to help you over in Supporting Balance, and to continue to help people improve how they live and learn!

-Kristan + the team

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Lisarose Darwin

    Thank YOU Kristan.

  2. Angela

    Thank you I’m looking forward to living a happier and healthy life .

  3. Sue Fesche

    Looking forward to learning more especially in relation to vertigo .

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